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The Date Part 2


STORY #81 - Niki 

We lived in the same field With such different perspectives Boxed in to the corners of our minds, Confined And blind To what we needed most.

STORY #62  -  J Mac  NSW

I'll follow ... but I know this leads to trouble.

STORY #30  -  Anonymous

In the great tradition of Australian humour the girl with the flaming red hair was known as Blue. Well that and the vibrant hue of her skin.

STORY #53 -  T Morris  NSW

She sat there for almost two hours listening to him talk about himself - his collection of vintage Nokia phones, his job at a fancy tech company and how he once saw Julia Roberts at the airport...Not one question about her. Nothing. She wondered when it would be ok to say she had to go... and then for some bizarre reason, he stood up and pulled off his shirt. What was he thinking?


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