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'Stories of Strangers' explores the idea that once a piece of art is offered to the world has a life of its own and becomes as much about what the viewer sees, as what the artist had intended. 


Below is a collection of my art. It's presented without context, so you can tell the story you see in the art. 'Stories' can be anything – a tall tale, a true tale, a poem, one-liner or even a memory or feeling evoked by the art. They can be in any voice and any length, just as long as they’re inspired by the art. All ages and abilities are welcome to tell their story. 

Stories will be published alongside the art here on my website and many of the artworks will be in the upcoming exhibition along with your stories.  


1. Scroll through the artworks on this page (artworks will be added to from time to time)

2. Choose one that speaks to you and start writing

3. Submit your story by clicking the email link next to the artwork (tell as many stories as you like!)

4. I'll let you know when your story is published (let me know if you want to be anonymous)

5. Your story will become part of the 'Stories of Strangers' exhibition.