Trinity grew up in inner-city Glebe in an old terrace house with a tin roof and a tea tree out the front. Her mum encouraged creativity in the home and painting, pottery & paper-mâché often took the place of homework after school. At the age of five she told her mum she wanted to be an artist when she grew up, but it took a few different careers in design (Interior & Graphic Design), two kids, and numerous life events for her to realise that creating art was “no longer just something I loved doing, but an urgent, unstoppable necessity.” 


A National Art School dropout, Trinity is inspired by an ever-growing desire to understand the world, and describes the creation of her work as “a way of unpacking and processing some of the weird, wonderful & awful things that keep me up at night or make my heart flutter with delight.” 


Often exploring her connection with the natural environment, her artwork celebrates and contemplates beauty, pain, the profound, and is offered with spirit and candour. Her use of vivid colour is described as “intuitive" and while sometimes at odds with the subject matter, a way of helping her express the contradictions and inconsistencies of life in a way that is true and meaningful to her.

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