Trinity grew up in inner-city Glebe in an old terrace house with a tin roof and a tea tree out the front. Her mum encouraged creativity in the home and painting, pottery & paper-mâché often took the place of homework after school. Her younger years were full of making and creating and she had always wanted to be an artist when she grew up.  

After a year at the National Art School, she switched to studying Design and spent the next 20 or so years following careers in both Interior Design, Graphic Design, and Illustration. It took numerous life events for her to find her way back to art and realise just how fundamental it was to her life.


Inspired by a desire to understand the world, the creation of her work is described as “a way of unpacking and processing some of the weird, wonderful and awful things that life throws at us...sometimes it's about me, or about us, or about the human condition." 

Often exploring a connection with the natural environment, her work celebrates and contemplates themes relevant to all including joy, beauty, pain, and the profound, and is offered with both spirit and candor.

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