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It’s the beauty within the ordinary where I find inspiration.


My artistic practice stems from a lifelong passion for art. I’ve channeled my creativity into careers in Interior Design and Graphic Design before committing to pursuing my visual arts practice professionally. My experiences and skills have coalesced into an energetic style that speaks to the modern human condition. 


Today, my body of work consists primarily of wax pastels on paper and more recently ceramics. With a vibrancy and tactility, I bring to life my signature abstracted, geometric, and otherworldly figures.


I take from my own experiences and an introspective look at what it means to be human to formulate my compositions. Each piece becomes an investigation. I like to dissect the dichotomies of life; the joy and the pain, the fear and the wonder, the loves and the losses. Through elements of the natural environment, I reveal the magic and wonder that surrounds us, uplifting us and illuminating a unique perspective on our world today.


Through my art I impart a message of hope, acceptance, and freedom and within in the kaleidoscopic worlds I create, are messages of empowerment, tales of grief, longing and sentiments of nostalgia. These stories expose a familiarity within that resonate with a collective human experience and suggest that through the trials and tribulations of life, we learn more about what it means to be human and enjoy a deeper understanding of ourselves.

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