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Sea of Tears


STORY #85  -  Sean Costello 

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STORY #73  -  N Dhulekar 

O girl, why do you cry? I cry for those who lost their lives to you What if this sea will drown you, too? So what they say will be true, I drowned in my sorrows.

STORY #25  -  Anonymous, NSW

It had been weeks and the water had not stopped, filling valleys and creating new streams rushing towards the sea.

After carrying the village records up to higher ground they were studied at great length. Finding a record of this happening before, their elation turned to despair when the old ones had no solution to offer.

A line of entertainers, jugglers, singers, acrobats paraded before her hoping to bring laughter to her eyes and stop the endless flood of tears. When humanity failed, they tried puppies, kittens, calves even with their comical antics and soulful eyes – to no avail.

Then one bright spark had the idea of offering her a newborn, a tiny speck of a thing with bunched up fists, squinting and squalling. The small god ceased her crying and reached hungrily for the child holding it close to her breast and cooing intelligibly.

The celebrations lasted into the night and the screams and cries were joyful and pleasurable – except for one. A young woman bent over her empty crib making anyone who heard her deeply uncomfortable.

STORY #4  -  K.Fountis  NSW 

When the tears started, she only thought it would be a few tears, for a minute really. Once a few began, the few wouldn't stop and she just cried and cried. She had been so hardened and so accepting of the harsh realities of life, she believed that the usual things that affected others she knew just didn't shake her like they did with other people. Why today and not 13 years ago when it did happen? She's glad she finally really cried though.

STORY #7  -  Anonymous

She cried and she cried spilling a waterfall of sadness she never knew possible. As she sat in a sea of tears, she realised the world really was drowning. It had finally reached its’ threshold and as it had promised, it would soon swallow up every living thing in its’ rising pain. 

STORY #1  -  R.Tully, NSW

It hit her at the strangest times, the overwhelming feeling of sadness and grief - often for no particular reason. In the early days, she had fought against it, swallowing the ever-increasing lump in her throat, choking on the tears that stung her tear ducts, threatening to overwhelm. This resulted in strangulated cries, emanating from her, until her body heaving, hiccuping, erupted publicly in an embarrassing loss of control.

She had learned to surrender and the tears flowed, swiftly and silently, falling from her chin. She imagined them pooling and swirling, forming a body of water making it's way to the sea, becoming part of everything. It really made her feel better.

STORY #22  -  C.Graf, NSW

Crying a river, in depression.

Sea of Tearsby Sean Costello
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