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STORY #45  -  Norm (93 years)  NSW

This picture makes me feel part of the modern world, especially the colours which don’t seem to appear in everyday life. The picture stimulates my imagination and I wonder what the artwork would look like in normal pose.

STORY #40. Anonymous  NSW 

Sometimes, when I'm sitting on the bus (the same bus I catch five days a week), edging and bumping through the traffic chaos to the city, I can’t help but wish life was simpler. I rest my head against the dirty, finger-marked window and wonder who’s dirty mits have been there before me. I pray the aircon will kick in and the lady in front will put her long hair back on her side of the seat. I still have a 40-minute ride ahead. Urghhh! My eyes close as I deal with the constant braking and squeaking and the heat from the diesel engine. I dream of being in some other place, where it’s cool, where I don’t have to work at a desk in a building in a city. Anywhere, just not here.​

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