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STORY #90  -  Nana 

My anguish rises like the tide, Surrounding all, Encompassing the onlookers, Oblivious to their surrounding demise, Oblivious and surprised...

STORY #89  -  Rob 

Stop the rising sea of anxiety

Parent work and family from the rocky isle

Cycle subdued by secular ethics, religion and philosophy

Support your children, work harder, time is naught

Time to nurture our children to sea taught.

STORY #69  -  Zoe (12 years)  NSW  

The girl watches the fisherman looking for all the fish right in front of their eyes. They keep staring out to sea trying to find fish as millions splash out of the water. They walk in a grumpy sad mood like they always do. Am I the only different person here? They all have blue eyes grey hair and white tears. I have red hair, green eyes and blue streams of tears feeding the ocean water. I just sit and cry. Why do I have to be different? The man says "get out of the way!". I keep thinking to myself and stay and let the waves wash me up. My thought stays the same. Then I realise everyone is sad and gloomy. Why should I be sad? They are all the same but I am different. I should be grateful. I don't want blue eyes or grey hair. I want to be different like the sea, every wave is different like me.​

STORY #37  -  Laura  NSW 

Sitting on my sofa, rain pouring down the pane,

I guess it happens slowly so it all just looks the same.

I turn toward the TV, I’m helpless and I’m bored,

The men in suits elected brutes are in complete accord.

Its paranoid delusion, “I’m not here to ease their qualms”

Leave the masses to their prayers, their protests and their Psalms.

Let’s talk about our profits, they’ve had something of a crunch,

At this rate fell’s I’m ‘fraid to say we’re making our own lunch.

Excuse me mister speaker.. it all blurs into a drawl

I cry because the human “race” is not even near a crawl.

STORY #27  Anonymous  -  NSW

‘Mutter, mutter, grumble’, went the old ones as the water lapped around their knees. 

‘It’s happened before’, one shouted and they rumbled and bumbled, nodding in agreement.

‘No, need to panic’.

‘Hear, hear’.

‘It’s a conspiracy’, the red one thundered through his megaphone and the righteous chorus of agreement resounded.

STORY #18  -  C Graf  NSW

Remember we are only human and we need to nurture and get nurtured by the sea.

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