STORY #11.

In the dark

when others sleep

my mind awake

counting sheep.

I window gaze

and see the moon

mind at ease 

hum a tune


STORY #64.

Beneath the pale crescent moon I took his life from him Strangled with my purple scarf As stars began to dim Moonrays bathed his waxen face As night time turned to day Squally wind that tossed my hair Now blew my guilt away Terror had controlled my life The end once seemed unclear Calmly now I stroked the cloth That had erased my fears Voices on that cleansing wind Agree he had to die Whispers now inside my head "Construct an alibi"

M. Wallace

STORY #66.

There is a boy on the dry grass looking at the moon. He is happy and likes the banana-shaped moon. But he has to go home. But he wishes he could stay and look at the stars and moon.


Joel (9 Years)

STORY #66.

By the photo, it looked like just a normal day. I wish I could tell you it was. Unfortunately, it was the opposite. That day was the day I died. It was a hot summer’s day, I was taking my dog for a walk, and found a quiet spot under a tree to rest for a bit to let the heat of the day wash over. I sat down and tied my dog’s leash to one of the tree’s branches. It was late, but the sun was still burning down upon the earth. At least the tree offered some protection, even if it was only a bit. I looked over in the distance and noticed a glittering flower. Curious, I walked over towards it and plucked it out of the ground. ‘Beautiful’ I thought, then walked back over to the tree where my dog was. Only thing was... my dog was gone! “Sammy!” I called, running out into the road to look for him. But I couldn’t see him anywhere, and he usually comes to me call. I started to stress, I could feel my heart beating faster, the sweat started to prepare for its launch. I ran around a bit, looking everywhere, but I couldn’t find him, even after two hours. Night had fallen, and I decided to head back home and put up signs later. On the way, I noticed a clearing with just the perfect aesthetic and took a photo of myself holding up the flower. It helped take my mind off Sammy slightly, and I started just staring at the flower. “Hey flower, do you know where Sammy is?” I asked after a while, not really thinking much of it. As expected, the flower didn’t talk back. Just continued to glitter in the moonlight. Eventually, I made it back home and sighed when I saw Sammy’s empty kennel. I walked inside and looked at the photo to try and cheer myself up. Only thing was... the flower was nowhere to be seen. Had I really taken such a bad photo that I couldn’t even see the flower in it? I was gonna just write it off as that, only other weird things started happening after that. There was a bark right next to me, and fur was suddenly brushing up against me. “Sammy!” I cried, hugging him tightly, “where have you been?” But that wasn’t the end of it. The next morning, I awoke to people talking downstairs. Now that was strange because I lived alone, and no one had said they were visiting. I got my phone, ready to call the police, and stopped on the stairs to listen in to their conversation. “Yes, this is where she lived, officer,” said a familiar voice—my best friend. It was always nice to have her over, but with the police? What was going on? Well, whatever it was, I guess I wouldn’t need to be calling the police on my phone. “And at what time did she leave her house?” asked the voice of what must have been the police officer. “I’m not sure, like I said, I only saw her body on the ground around 5pm yesterday,” my best friend was explaining. I almost gasped. Who had died? Why were they in my house discussing it? I walked down the stairs and was immediately greeted with a scream. “Ash!” My friend actually started crying as she gave me the tightest hug possible, “I- I thought you had died!” “W-What?” I stammered, pulling away from the hug and raising an eyebrow. “I found your body on the side of the road, just up the hill a bit there,” she said, trying to wipe the tears away from her eyes, “It was sent to the morgue... how- how did you...?” “I dunno, but I don’t remember dying,” I shrugged, looking at the police officer for an explanation. “I’m not sure what’s happened here, but clearly I’m not needed,” they said, and off they went. “I’m just glad you’re alive,” said my friend, hugging me again

- Bethany Willow

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