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STORY #72  -  N Dhulekar 

I saw myself in him. He saw himself in me. We got rid of mirrors.

STORY #33  -  R Tully  NSW

Although it was so long ago,
it might just interest you to know.
That by the light of waning moon,
the heads of stone - granted a boon,
will grind and seemingly to thaw
will tell each other what they saw.

STORY #63. -  N Bern  NSW 

1.5 meters apart When I look at you I get stressed. We are not 1.5 meters apart. You’re too close. Don’t breathe on me. I might kill you. You may kill me. We are all potential murderers. We are all potential victims. Stay away. Call me on the phone. Stay safe.

STORY #32  -  @the_queen_of_t 

Look into my eyes, what do you see. The depth of my soul, my heart’s desire, the wanting to be closer. 

STORY #34  -  Nutan Sharma  USA

Starry nights and a glimpse of the moon 

In the mountains, I wish to see you soon 

Hand in hand, feeling the cold breeze

Hold me closer and kiss me please


I want to feel your warmth and hug you tight 

Let’s be more in love and no more fight

Look into my eyes and feel the pain

How much am crazy and how much insane

STORY #70  -  Anonymous

Looking at you, I see me
and all those things I'd dreamed to be.
The goals, the wins, the shooting stars
the friends, the lovers, trips in cars


In your eyes, I see my life,
the kids, the house, and once a wife. 
The highest hopes, the dusty roads, 
the ache of love, the heavy loads.


I see in you so much of me, 
the joy and pain, the running free.
The rivers, mountains, tides that go, 
you'll need to learn their ebb and flow.


When I see you I wonder why,
the time I let it pass me by.
I miss that you who needed me,
but love you unconditionally

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