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STORY #86  -  Alex D

The girl slowly climbed the beanstalk. Her parents often said she got a bit carried away with fantasy, but she was sure there had to be something up there. With her pet duck on her back, she continued climbing while wondering what was up there in the huge sky. It took her half an hour but when she finally made It she gasped in surprise. Wow, she thought. Never in my life have I seen something so breathtaking. Words could not describe what she thought. It was a ginormous palace made out of gold and gems. Without thinking, she walked inside.

STORY #56  -  Sammy (5 years) NSW 


Listen to Sammy, Age 5 tell his story

STORY #68  -  Evan Glenn UK 

She could have chosen to just walk onward but she chose to climb, and the higher she got, the more positive and confident she felt. Then she fell, but kept on going, and when she got to the top, she felt amazing.

STORY #51  -  R Margeit  NSW

'Why didn't she just leave?'

A question that hangs over her like a cloud the colour of a three-day old bruise.

The clouds parted, a moment as fleeting as it was fragile, filling the forest with light in a torrent the colour of blood sheathed in gold.

It reminded her of a sunset she once saw on the shores of the Sea of Lost Things.

She'd felt the fear then, the fear of all the things still to come.

Then, unlike now, she'd stepped back into the arms of fear, an alarming embrace as warm as the blade at her neck.

Now, unlike then, she climbed towards the light, a light that enveloped her, a comforting caress that eased away the cloud the colour of a three-day old bruise.

She climbed and she climbed and she didn't look back.


The Climb Story by Sammy age 5
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