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Hard Love


STORY #88  -  Sean Costello

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STORY #77  -  Niki 

Change is hard, But made bearable with love


STORY #77  -  Nikita 

Her love burdened me. It was tied with the ropes of unrealistic expectations.

STORY #55  -  Anonymous

I wore my heart traditionally on my sleeve but it's now restrained. For so long I could not express and let my love flow freely. My heart has become a burden, still so present, dominating and real but constrained. A thirst I can not quench. Tethered to the rest of the load I carry. Determined, Yes, I will carry my heart through this arid, dehydrating, taking the environment and let it drink. Allow it to sip life again, quench my thirst, float my burdens, and again wear proudly on my sleeve.

STORY #56  -  Anonymous

It came to him in a dream one night
And woke him with a terrible fright.
This burden that had weighed him down
was a love that he had never found
But the love he had for his wife was strong
And he’d loved his children for so long.
His brothers, sisters all agreed
the love they’d shared was all they’d need
His mum and dad who’d passed away
he’d loved until this very day
And once he drank 6 pints of beer
then loved sobriety for a year
With a heavy heart and a lonely soul
his search for love saw him grow old
Then the day before his death
he searched inside and found no less
Than a lonely heart full of neglect
That he himself did once reject

STORY #19  -  C Graf

A heavy heart

Hard LoveSean Costello
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