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And It Grew


STORY #41  -  Anonymous

That beautiful plant on her head,

Was a burden that often misled, 

As she slept it would grow,

But no one would know,

of the mess that it made on her bed.

STORY #48  -  Babette Hayes NSW

Nature at her magical best... after experiencing a drought where all the pastures around us, the hills, the fields were golden and parched dry; just two weeks of constant rain and there are carpets of green scattered through then 3 weeks later it is all such a rich, lush bright green... My plants, my garden, my herbs... all so happy to have had so much rain, the plants, bushes, and trees so regular washed misty water, the bush has come back to life too... and I am coming back to life. This painting is symbolic. 


So here I am lying on my back on the ground, my feet up in the air doing something I have not been able to do for five years (since falling down a wide circular stairway with stone steps)... when I hit the edge of the steps and each time heard an interesting sharp, crunch...thinking matter-of-factly ... 'ooooh not good'. Several painful months in bed were followed by an awesome operation and was able to walk again - with difficulty at times, but who cares. 


This is 'me' kicking her heels up in the air wearing a bright red dress and luscious red lips with a glorious, shiny, healthy emerald green-leafed plant promising a return to Life following the drought and an abundance of High Energy. I used to do this pilates exercise - when I saw this I thought how special to be able to see myself being so flexible... then the high energy Red... I love wearing bright red lips, red items of clothing... and I have so been enjoying my plants full of new growth and high in energy... the present is here, rich and abundant with life

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