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It’s the beauty within the ordinary where I find inspiration. Embracing scenes of daily life, with a hint of the surreal, and elevated through powerful palettes and textures, I take from my own experiences, and contemporary issues, and explore what it means to be human.

My artistic practice stems from a lifelong passion for art and an overwhelming desire to understand the human condition. I've channeled my creativity into careers in Graphic & Interior Design before pursuing a visual arts practice professionally. The strong graphic qualities and vibrant palettes in my work speak to a childhood growing up in the inner west of Sydney in the 80s where the colours of artists like Ken Done and Reg Mombassa were like a revelation, bringing a sense of play and joy into the dark interior walls of the Stiletto Terrace in Glebe where I lived.

The majority of my work is figurative, and these whimsical and otherworldly figures are my representation of humans stripped down to their emotional core. While exuding playfulness, my work is also layered with emotion and meaning, conveying messages of hope and love, sharing tales of grief, longing, and evoking sentiments of nostalgia.


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